National Security Agency: Hackers Get Hacked

The National Security Agency is a government organization that is responsible for collecting and processing foreign intelligence and counterintelligence in the United States. The organization is also widely known as the organization that Edward Snowden leaked monitoring information about in 2013. Unfortunately, the NSA has had its fair share of scandals.

Fifteen months ago, a group of hackers by the name of The Shadow Brokers breached the NSA’s security and stole sophisticated tools that the NSA uses to breach computer networks. To put it simply, the hackers have been hacked. However, this does not appear to be The Shadow Brokers’ first attempt at causing the National Security Agency havoc. According to a former NSA employee, this infamous group attempted to sell the NSA’s cyber weapons in the year 2016. The National Security Agency is still investigating the breach and is currently trying to determine the identities of The Shadow Brokers. There is speculation that The Shadow Brokers are a foreign government operating under the code name. It has also been determined that the code used to breach the NSA’s security system would have taken years to develop, along with an immense amount of funds that only a government would be able to supply. The question now is what is The Shadow Brokers’ end game?