Child Abuse Case

On November 22, 2017, a piece of news quickly became the center of attention all over the China: several parents accused Red Yellow Blue Kindergarten in Beijing of abusing children, claiming that the kindergarten teachers gave their children unknown medicine and even used needles to stab their hands. The parents also suspected that their children had been sexually assaulted by unknown people.

The response from the social networks in China, however, was disappointing. They deleted all of the news reports on this incident, yet the consequent public outrage prevented social networks from sweeping this under the carpet.

A week later, on November 28, the police force in Beijing announced their results from investigating this incident, and they arrested a 22-years-old kindergarten teacher. However, the police claimed that all the “sexual assault,” “giving children medicine,” and other such claims were made up by the parents. Two parents were arrested and were subject to admonition by the Beijing Education Committee, which educates perpetrators about crime. The other two parents apologized to the public. The next day, another news site reported that three members of the Beijing Education Committee were investigated by the police under the suspicion that the parents were perhaps innocent, yet to no avail.

The incident seems to be over, but the public still believes the parents instead of the government. There were some of the opinion that the government tried to hide the truth from the public because there were governors in high positions involved. After this incident, many parents started to reflect on how to protect their children against abuse in kindergarten, and even though the government stopped responding to this incident, many people are still waiting and fighting for the truth.