Student Spotlight

For this month’s Student Spotlight column, we would like to feature Ana Leon ’18, a senior boarding student from Mexico known by fellow students for her ever-present enthusiasm and lovable personality. Ana is a highly involved member of the community here at Catalina, as evident by all of her activities — besides serving as the student body president, she is also co-head of BURRITO. She welcomes us to every morning assembly with a warmth and enthusiasm that alleviates some of the cold of our typical Monterey mornings. Ana is also a very active member in the theater department, having appeared in prominent roles in several school productions like the BREAL Show and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Besides these roles, Ana starred in last winter’s comedic play, You Can’t Take It With You, as Grandpa Vanderhof, a performance for which she received her first Perry Award! At the start of her senior year, this past fall, she portrayed Professor Bhaer in the very selectively cast and impressive production of Little Women. When she’s not on stage, you can find Ana involved in a multitude of other activities, whether it be battling it out on the soccer field, going the distance in cross country, or sprinting on track. And, even with all the extracurricular activities keeping her busy, Ana finds time to put towards her success in school and the pursuit of personal interests, for example, marine science. This past summer, Ana spent time with her senior MERP class in Hawaii as they observed and collected data on local marine life. As her final semester at Catalina commences, it’s clear that Ana has made of herself not only a well-rounded person and successful student, but also a beloved member of our school community. We’re so excited to see where her talents take her!