Life Guarding

In addition to our regular winter sports, Catalina offers a lifeguard certification class. Now run by one of our math teachers, Randy Whitchurch, this class is a fun and unconventional way to spend your winter afternoons. Even though it may be cold outside, learning to save lives is well worth a few goosebumps.

In this class, you learn skills that will most definitely pay off in the future. Learning to help people, whether it be CPR, stabilizing a broken bone, or even soothing the pain of a bee sting, is not a waste of time. This class not only prepares you for anything that comes your way, but can also help to land you a job in the future. It gives you the opportunity to practice these life skills, and it is a nice way to relax in the pool and be with your friends. And, to add the cherry on top, you get to hang out with Mr. Whitchurch! There are many reasons one should take this class, and Mr. Whitchurch couldn’t have said it better, “Because life is math and water, everybody needs to be prepared for emergencies and know how to prevent them if they happen.”