What’s on My Playlist: Rainbow by Kesha

Ever since Kesha’s new album, Rainbow, was released, I have been listening to it all day every day on repeat. The album is truly a spiritual experience for me, and I have recommended it to practically everyone that I have recently spoken to, including our very own Dr. Reilly. The album was entirely written and produced by Kesha, and it also features several artists, such as the iconic Dolly Parton, The Eagles of Death Metal, and The Dap-Kings Horns. The album is deeply personal to Kesha because it expresses her personal journey. The album conveys Kesha’s emotions about the sexual and mental abuse that she suffered from her former producer Dr. Luke. Although Kesha’s perseverance is a major theme in the album, the album also includes other themes, such as strength, redemption, and healing. Surprisingly, Rainbow has not been nominated for Album of the Year. Even though Kesha has been robbed of this award, she has been nominated for Best Pop Solo Album and Best Pop Solo Performance. I encourage everyone to listen to Rainbow, as I think it is one of the best pieces of music ever produced. Kesha is truly a genius as well as an inspiration to everyone.

Now, here are the top five songs on the album, along with a short synopsis, best line, and my opinion on each of the songs.

“Rainbow”: “Rainbow” is the first song that has ever made me smile out of pure happiness. Not because it is funny or I like the beat of the song, but rather, it makes my heart swell with happiness and pride in myself for overcoming my own struggles. In this song, Kesha acknowledges that life is messed up, but that there is beauty within each of us. She conveys through her lyrics that this beauty can pull us through the hardships of life. Kesha vocalizes that it is okay to feel lost and scared, but we already have what we need to persevere–ourselves. The best line in the song is “I can’t lose hope, what’s left of my heart’s still made of gold.”

“Learn to Let Go”: “Learn to Let Go” is a beautiful song about trying to let go of what occurred in the past and focusing on trying to be happy. As well as being inspirational, “Learn to Let Go” is a great song to dance to crazily. I would recommend this song to anyone who needs an uplifting moment. The best line is, “Live and learn and never forget it.”

“Praying”: “Praying” is likely the most well-known song of Rainbow, and for a good reason. The vocals on this track are stunning, not to mention the emotion that is conveyed through the lyrics and her voice. The tone brings me to tears every time I listen to the song. While this song reminds us of forgiveness, the most important message from the song is perseverance and to remember you are strong and you deserve joy in this world. Also notable is her visually stunning and beautifully constructed music video. This music video is my favorite, and it touches my heart every time I listen. The best line is, “I don’t need you, I’ve found a strength I’ve never known.”

“Spaceship”: “Spaceship” is a quirky song about how when you die, a spaceship will appear and take you to your true home. It questions what human beings are and introduces the topic of how every person is unique and the reason behind their uniqueness. She also has a beautifully spoken monologue in the middle of the song that really puts life into perspective. It’s mostly acoustic and has an ominous characteristic. The best line of the song: “Been living in a lonesome galaxy, and in my dreams I see you come and rescue me.”

“Hymn”: “Hymn” has the most unusual message from the album, Rainbow, but the song feels touching when you analyze the lyrics. When you first listen to the song, you think it’s about a bunch of life-loving kids whose motto is YOLO. However, it is truly dedicated to people who do not believe in a divine afterlife or in a specific religion, mostly young people who believe that when you die that’s it, so this is your one chance at living. Most of the time that can be scary, but Kesha praises the determination of these people to keep going and live despite seeing an inevitable black void. Best line of the song: “Sorry I saw you starstruck, blame it on the stardust.”