Why is Woody Allen Allowed in Hollywood?

Woody Allen has been a highly praised director for decades. He has also been accused of sexually assaulting his adoptive daughter, a seven-year-old girl, in the early 90’s. The investigation was not private, and news outlets have been reporting about the scandal ever since the story came out. Everybody knows about it, and if not, one would only have to search his name to get up to date. Only now in a climate already reeking with sexual harassment allegations are people questioning whether Allen should continue to have work produced in Hollywood. Only now are people expressing their regret over working with a child predator. Even some celebrities remain silent, and their silence is deafening.

I cannot be the only person that is absolutely disgusted by the indifference the public has had towards this issue. Their nonchalance has enabled Woody Allen to continue to have success and praise for twenty years after he sexually assaulted a child. Dylan Farrow, Allen’s daughter that he sexually assaulted at 7 years old, has repeatedly told the same tragic story, yet action to convict Woody Allen has not yet been taken.  

I have read Farrow’s testimony and it gives me chills to know that someone had to relive their most traumatic experience over and over again without effect. Now, after 20 years of being discredited, Farrow’s story is finally being acknowledged. The fact that Allen was never prosecuted doesn’t mean innocence. It means Allen had a terrific team of publicists and attorneys and Farrow’s mother chose not to have Farrow go through any more trauma than she thought a trial would bring.

The amount of empathy in this world needs to increase a thousandfold. Actors have worked with Allen for years and defended themselves by saying he was never prosecuted. Imagine how that would make you feel. The man who sexually abused  you throughout your entire childhood is defended over and over again by people everyone else adores and loves. How can people ignore that kind of injustice and that kind of suffering just to get themselves more fame and notoriety? These celebrities are role models for an entire generation. I’ll leave you with that thought, and encourage you to do further research yourself, and especially to read Dylan Farrow’s letters to The New York Times regarding Woody Allen.

This article reflects my beliefs in what happened and who I choose believe. I wasn’t there, as I am not Woody Allen or Dylan Farrow. But I choose to believe someone who has faced unbelievable scrutiny her entire life for abuse she was the victim of, and who still speaks her truth and has spoken her truth for years. You can research the stories, explanations, etc. of this scandal and why no one acknowledges it. I especially encourage you to do further research yourself, and especially to read Dylan Farrow’s letters to The New York Times regarding Woody Allen.