‘Tis the Season for Awards

It is truly an interesting awards season in the arts. Already at the Grammys, there has been a new record: no white male was nominated for Best Album of the Year. This has never happened in the history of the Grammys. And as we’ve seen with the Golden Globes, the Time’s Up movement has dominated conversation, and even awarded this season’s fashion. It’s fair to say that there will be many speeches, like Oprah’s, that stand with survivors and women all around the world to stop victim-blaming and start taking action against the actual perpetrators of the crimes. In this Weinstein era of Hollywood, tensions may be high, but it might be the beginning of a better Hollywood.

The nomination voting for the Academy Awards just closed, but the list will be published on January 24th, so look it up and start watching those movies so you can be well-informed when watching the Academy Awards in 2018. Also, be sure to watch the Grammys on January 28th!