Shakespeare Festival

February is quite a busy month here on campus: Ring week, Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, and cherry blossom season all mark this second month of the new year. Another annual February tradition is the Sophomore Shakespeare Festival, coming up on February 22 (which you literally cannot miss, because it is mandatory). This year, the sophomores are putting on The Merchant of Venice, one of Shakespeare’s most renowned comedies. While on the surface the show itself is a light-hearted comedy, it explores important themes such as racism, feminism, and social discrimination as a whole. This is quite a large undertaking for the sophomore class, with each English section being in charge of one act of the play. Moreover, the performance is entirely student-run, with all students involved in some aspect of the show, whether it be directing, acting, editing the script, or handling the technical elements of the production. With the help of Ms. Ueda and the rest of the English teachers, the sophomore class is currently hard at work preparing for this rich and entertaining show. We are excited to share this wonderful play with you all and look forward to seeing everybody at the production!