Ring Week 

Wednesday, February 7 marked the beginning of Ring Week. Juniors waited anxiously to discover what the prop of the year would be: inflatable horses and a jockey hat. The seniors attacked the juniors with bright red lipstick to draw all over their bodies and faces. The rest of the school laughed at the ridiculousness of the juniors as they galloped along to each class. The next day, the juniors were divided into groups determining what costumes and tasks they would have to handle that day. Thursday there were Catalina Cows, trolls, characters from Shrek, bowling pins and balls, a solitary eggplant, and more. Some juniors treated the students and faculty to performances on stage during lunch, while others ate and played games on the field. Day three came around and juniors were more than ready to find out what their second and final costume would be. Juniors were dressed as characters from Winnie the Pooh and the video game Mario Kart, some were dressed as bathing men, others were piñatas, and there were even characters from Stranger Things. Once again, juniors put on performances in the dining hall, while others played games on the front lawn. Once day three had ended, the juniors looked forward to Ring Dinner. Ring Dinner perfectly ended the week. We were treated to a night of fun with our ring sisters–filled with eating, laughing, dancing, and pictures. Then we finally got what we had worked so hard for: the rings. Now the juniors begin to plan the festivities for next year’s Ring Week.