On March 16th, Catalina performance clubs put on the annual BREAL show. The five groups — Burrito, Reverb, Ecco, Accents, and Lady Rhythmics — all put on stellar performances. Burrito debuted a new game, Dr. Phil, in which club members acted out scenarios that featured the  TV show of the same name. Ecco sang a number of new a capella songs, many arranged by students! Accents performed several dance numbers, ranging from lyrical to hip-hop. Lady Rhythmics put on a comedic piece, “Sunshine Retirement Home,” combining the art of body percussion and fun skits. Reverb stole the show with a performance of “Hey Jude,” with an incredible guest appearance by Dr. Kapolka! Additionally, the seniors of Reverb and Ecco put on an amazing rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” giving us six minutes of excellence, reflection, and nostalgia. The show was so much fun for the audience, and we are so proud of all of the amazing performers!