Ella Martinetto

Seven Things I’m Mad About and One Thing I’m Not


  1. When I was a freshman I thought I was smart. I didn’t join any clubs and then was so very pleased with myself because I had all this free time to hang out and watch Netflix, but I should have joined things and met people and done stuff. And maybe my freshman year would have been busier and more stressful, but the experience itself would have been so much richer.
  2. I didn’t start theater tech until I was a sophomore, and I’m angry about that because I love tech. I love being at tech. I love the people I met at tech, and I love the person I became at tech. Tech taught me how to be confident in my decisions, how to be responsible, how to think on my feet, and I should have done more of it while I had the chance
  3. One time I forgot to charge my iPad, and it died in the middle of class the next day, and then I had to take notes by hand.
  4. When I leave Catalina I’m going to forget things, and I don’t want to. I don’t even want to forget the things I don’t like. I don’t want to forget that sometimes when I walk by the dining hall it smells like roast chicken, even though we aren’t having chicken at all that day. I don’t want to forget the fear that strikes your heart when you get back from winter break and realize that bird diving season has started, and the birds outside the chapel will not rest until they have attacked you at least twice. I don’t want to forget the things I don’t like here because it means that I’ll forget good things, too. I don’t want to forget my teachers and my friends and how funny they are, and how passionate they are, and how eager they are to share that passion with the world and with me.
  5. They always run out of guacamole on taco day. You know? You get all excited because you’re getting to the front of the line, and you can see the bowl up ahead of you, and then you get there and it’s empty. They don’t even take the bowl away; they just leave it there to taunt you.
  6. I’m angry because even after the slam poem about the water pressure in the C2 building’s bathroom faucets being too high, they tried to fix the problem and now the water pressure is too low. I feel like I’m being gently cried on by a sink every time I wash my hands and it makes me uncomfortable.
  7. I’m angry because every time I think about graduating the last piece of advice my ring sister gave me before she graduated goes running through my head and all I can hear is: “Your senior year goes fast, Ella. Don’t rush it. Cherish it,” and it’s been a real damper on my senioritis.

The thing I’m not mad about: I took her advice. I listened when she told me to take my time this year. I focused on my friends because I know we’ll never all be together like this again. I thought about the things I’ve learned and the person I’ve become since I started high school. I listen when people here talk to me, because I know I won’t be able to listen to them the same the way again after May 27th. I paid attention to things I did not want to forget, even the things I don’t like. And when I think about all these things and the reason I paid attention to them, I don’t feel angry anymore. I feel thankful.

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