What’s Fashioning?

What is a trend? In the fashion world, a trend is a movement popular or widespread for a short period of time. The crazy thing about trends, though, is how they tend to reappear. Popular items from previous years often cycle their way back into modern-day fashion and are considered “new.” This October has seen both past trends resurfacing and new trends coming about, from hairstyles to clothing and footwear.

A prominent hair trend for fall is the dual-textured hairstyle. This trend has been around for a long time, although it has not received much attention until now. It is most common for people with very curly hair to adopt this style by straightening just the roots of the hair and then pulling the rest into a ponytail. It is an unexpected addition to an everyday hairstyle and very simple to achieve. Its other advantages include its ability to be dressed up or down for different occasions and its versatility, making it a flattering style on a wide array of people.

In the realm of trendy products, Rihanna’s new makeup line, called Fenty Beauty, has garnered lots of public attention since its release. Being a queen of fashion and entertainment, Rihanna’s beauty line is every bit as glamorous and unique as she is. Fenty Beauty products include 40 different shades of foundation – Rihanna states on her Youtube channel that she wants “women of all ages, all size, all skin tones, all religions, all cultures” to be able to use these products. Rihanna’s intent behind her makeup line was to be inclusive, especially of people who have felt ostracized from the traditional beauty scene because of the limited range of colors available. Whether you like makeup or not, Fenty Beauty is a symbol of inclusivity and egalitarian perspectives in all aspects of life, even makeup. One of the most unique products the line contains is the “Match Stix”, which comes in 30 shades and different finishes, including shimmer and matte. And, not only is the product itself aesthetically pleasing, but added appeal comes in the form of magnetic packaging. Both glamorous and playful, Fenty Beauty is the newest obsession of the makeup community.

In addition to makeup products, even small details like nail color are registering on the fall trend radar. To many people, well-kept nails contribute to a positive mood or a sense of personal style, and this fall’s new graphic nail trend allows people to personalize their preferences in any way. Graphic nail colors can be chosen to match the season or one’s current mood, but no matter what shade, the clean-cut lines of graphic nails ensure they always look sophisticated. In addition, the abstract quality of certain graphic nail designs make them appealing to people who want their nail color to reflect their artistic style and creativity. In short, there’s no way to go wrong if you choose graphic nails for fall.

The final trendy piece in this article has been known to recur at the forefront of fashion trends many times over. It’s eye-catching and unique, and could even act as an addition to a halloween costume this fall!  Holographic clothing can break up outfits composed of basic pieces and are easy, one-step ways to add interest. Even small holographic accessories will serve as the statement piece in an ensemble. Its shimmery, reflective quality is bold but simple, so it can be worn casually without going overboard. Also, because holographic materials are often composed of threads of various colors, it’s possible to pair these pieces with virtually any outfit. In recent years, holographic pieces have been used increasingly to create alien costumes – a shiny silver top paired with a skirt and some antennae could very well be this year’s last-minute halloween ensemble.

Anyone looking to revive their fall wardrobe or add to their everyday fashion choices should consider these new pieces. Whether it is playing up your hair with an addition to its natural texture, sampling a new makeup product or attempting a take on the graphic nail, think of incorporating one of these trends for your next fall occasion!