Spring, 2019
Endorphins: The Natural High by Dameira Cruz
March, 2018
How to Combat Procrastination with Dameira Cruz by Dameira Cruz
Female Scientists’ Discoveries and Impacts on the Past, Present, and Future by Dylan Barry-Schoen
February, 2018
Meditation by Dameira Cruz
CSUMB’s “Great White Sharks of California” Talk by Dylan Barry-Schoen
January, 2018
Potential Broad-Spectrum Crohn’s Disease Antibiotic by Dylan Barry-Schoen
Sleep. Do We Need It? by Dameira Cruz
Global Warming and its Effects on Coral Reefs by Emma Underdown
December, 2018
Caffeine Addiction by Emalia Partlow
Permafrost: The Northern Hemisphere’s Burping Cow by Dylan Barry-Schoen
November, 2017
Plastic and its Effects on the Coral’s Appetite by Dylan Barry-Schoen
GMO Foods by Amira Chou
Santa Catalina Science Teachers’ PhD Research by Emalia Partlow
October, 2017
2017 Nobel Physics Prize Awarded to the “Cosmic Chirp” by Dylan Barry-Schoen
Bioluminescence Amongst Deep Sea Creatures by Amira Chou
A Timely Award: On Circadian Rhythms by Rosemary Lee
September, 2017
The Enemy’s Enemy Is My Friend: Trophic Cascades and Indirect Predator Effects by Rosemary Lee