Basketball Season is on the Horizon by Elle Edwards

With the conclusion of the fall holidays comes the beginning of wintertime, and for Santa Catalina, that includes basketball season. With a winning record of 8-5 last year, the varsity team hopes to continue their winning season streak by improving their offensive and defensive gameplay. 

Two new coaches have been introduced to the Catalina basketball program this year. Coach Ostos, the varsity team’s new assistant coach, will work alongside the head coach, Coach Cofresi. Coach Browne will take over as the head coach for the junior varsity team. When asked how Coach Ostos will benefit the team this year, Coach Cofresi said that “he will bring more intensity and direction for all of the girls from a very professional standpoint.” Since Coach Ostos played basketball professionally, he can provide the players with positive insight and tips that will improve their gameplay. 

Previously, Catalina ended their 21-22 season with an 8-5 record and 3rd in the Santa Lucia league. This year, Coach Cofresi said that the main goals for the season are “to have a winning record, to improve on what we did last year, but also to have fun and be able to give the girls a chance to compete, be aggressive, and feel like they have accomplished something.” 

Although Catalina’s varsity team has only competed in one scrimmage against Pacific Grove, the coaches have distinguished their player’s strengths and how they will benefit the team throughout the season. The three starting returners, Margaret Spencer ’23, Bianca Fritz ’24, and Sofia Luna ’24, are a key aspect of the team this year. When asked about his strongest players, Cofresi said, “Bianca is at the starting point guard, so she is taking all of the responsibility, whereas Luna and Margaret are coming off the starting five from last year, so they have some experience that will help lead the team.” Not only is varsity’s starting five a strong group of girls, but the bench is also promising, and Cofresi states that with “Skyler Smith and Elle Edwards playing the sixth man, there is a lot of potential for some of the newer girls to come up in the season.” 

The first official varsity game was Thursday, December 8th, with a matchup between Santa Catalina and Gilroy. The addition of new coaches and players to the program makes this year’s season look promising, and Coach Cofresi is looking forward to building a solid team. So make sure to come and support the Cougars varsity and junior varsity basketball teams this winter season!