Fashion in Fall 2021: As the Seasons Change, Our Outfits do Too

By Grace Holmes

As the weather changes, the trends change as well. Almost every year in fall, we see the same thing: large coats, big boots, and the longest pair of pants possible. These items are a part of every fall fashion season, but different versions give each year its individuality. This year features more color than usual. In the colder months, neutral colors are commonplace, but 2021 has introduced bright and bolder pigments to our closets. Specific colors that stand out recently are lime green and lilac, and pastel colors, in general, are taking over the textile scene. Whether it is a monochrome outfit or a singular piece that stands out, colors make a grand appearance this year. 

The patterns of this fall are cable knit and leopard print. Cable knit has always been the traditionally trendy pattern for sweaters, but it seems to be more popular this year, especially with the rising traction of sweater vests. Leopard print is also one of the big patterns this season for fashion. In moderation, leopard print can elevate any outfit and is the perfect print to keep you warm this season. Along with colors and patterns, the trends of actual clothing pieces did not disappoint this year. 

In terms of specific articles, sweater vests are, by far, the biggest trend in fashion this fall. They are ideal for layering, but can easily be worn alone as well. From coffee outings to formal nights out, the sweater vest can be “dressed up” or “down” with ease. Adding this article to an outfit can immediately reinvent its style, making sweater vests a staple item to have in the closet this fall. 

The jackets of Fall 2021 are leather jackets, perfect to throw on before walking out the door and said to go with anything, regardless of an outfit’s colors. Leather jackets, a timeless classic item, will continue this trend through this year. Regarding pants, trousers have become the “it” pants this autumn. They are charming, comfortable, and practical for day-to-day activity. Trousers undoubtedly project class and formality, giving an outfit the clean, presentable appearance many desire. Another trend that has unveiled itself this fall is shorter dresses or skirts with larger and higher boots. People everywhere are starting to wear mini dresses or mini skirts with “louder” boots, such as knee-high boots. A particular outfit under this description that has garnered popularity is western boots with mini ruffled dresses. This look is adorable and has a large range of events for which it is appropriate. As the weather gets colder, this combination can be styled with tights, which are subsequently gaining traction this season, and that stylish leather jacket to keep you warm but presentable. A look such as this is appealing and deserves its place in the trends. Other than clothing articles themselves, there are many trends surrounding accessories. 

Smaller bags for the hand and shoulder are a current staple. Keep in mind that a bag in a neutral color pairs with any outfit, but if an individual tends to wear more neutral colors in their daily attire, a bolder and brighter color bag perfectly ties a look together. Two of the “trendiest” bags right now are Bottega Veneta’s “Jodie” bag and Prada’s “Cleo” bag. Both of these pieces are a perfect size and stunning in their visual appeal, making them both practical and beautiful. In terms of size, shoulder and handbags are more efficient than carrying around a larger purse and are just as stylish. Jewelry trends include single earrings or mismatched earrings. At first, this concept of one earring or mismatching jewelry presented slightly outlandish, but this fall has revealed the look to be creatively chic, giving the perfect edge to an outfit. 

This year’s fall fashion has taken classic trends and has brought them back into the spotlight as well as starting trends we haven’t seen before. With the classic cable knit, leather jackets, trousers, leopard print, big boots with dresses, handbags, shoulder bags, and daring jewelry styles, this season’s couture selection is anything but boring. Fall fashion 2021 has grabbed the attention of many and will continue to do so as the season develops.