Halloween Dinner: A Night to DIE For by Carson Vogel

When asked what they enjoy most about this school, Catalina students first and foremost reply that they love the traditions that we share and the connections that they form. Traditions are fun and vital aspects of the Santa Catalina identity and are incredibly unique to our school. Although there are several fun traditions throughout the school year, one of the most popular events is swiftly approaching. Spooky season is right around the corner, and students can’t wait for what it brings. Halloween Dinner, the first major Catalina tradition of the year, is an exciting event that is run by the freshmen and attended by students and faculty alike. Halloween Dinner is a wonderful tradition, and those who attend are guaranteed a good time full of costumes, candy, and fun. It all starts when students and teachers enter the dining room in full costume and sit at Halloween-themed tables. They eat dinner while enjoying entertainment provided by the freshmen. Afterward, seniors set up their cars for “Trunk-or-treating” ensuring that the entire school is jam-packed with sugar. A night full of costumes, entertainment, and fun, Halloween Dinner brings the community together through delicious food and fun prizes. This year’s freshmen have begun the planning of this exciting event, and for those who have already had the chance to see this tradition in action, there is much anticipation and excitement for October 31st.

Phoebe Day, a current sophomore, had the pleasure of helping plan Halloween dinner as a freshman, and she found it both stressful and fun to coordinate. When asked what her favorite part of Halloween Dinner was, Phoebe replied, My favorite part of Halloween Dinner last year was seeing all the costumes up on the stage. Everybody was super excited, and I loved cheering people on.” Many students agree with Phoebe and find the fun costumes one of the highlights of the night. Last year, we saw everything from Hydro Flasks to nuns, and Phoebe speaks for everybody when she says that she can’t wait to see what costumes appear in the dining room this Halloween. As for the planning of the event, Phoebe explained, “planning Halloween Dinner was stressful, but our Senate does a great job of helping us. It was fun to stay a little later and help because all of us were just trying to do a good job for the rest of the school.” How does Phoebe think Halloween Dinner will go this year? Phoebe said, “I’m excited to see what the freshmen bring to the table. It’s always interesting seeing them creating and showing something off to the school.” Other students wholeheartedly agree, and can’t wait to see what this year’s freshmen come up with. 

The freshmen students have already started planning, and they are getting excited about coming up with ideas. CC Shaw, a current freshman, explained, “I am excited that I get to help organize something so big and so special. I want to make sure that everybody has a good time, and that there’s something for everybody.” And there most definitely will be. From costume contests to delicious mud-pies, there is lots of fun in store! When asked about any ideas CC has been thinking about, she excitedly replied, “I want to make the theme a little more on the spooky side, so more blacks, greys, and purples rather than the traditional orange and black.” This sounds like a fantastic idea, and we can’t wait to see the amazing dinner the freshmen come up with.

When asked about how she thought planning Halloween Dinner was last year, Phoebe laughed, explaining, “Halloween dinner was a bit of a mess last year, but I think that’s what makes it the freshmen dinner.” She continued, “As long as the freshmen bring candy and cool colored tablecloths, Halloween Dinner is gonna be great!” Phoebe is completely right! Halloween dinner is a truly special event that has inspired connections and unified the community for generations, and students can’t wait to see what this year’s spooky season brings.