The Magic of Noodle

By Sofia Vea

Everyone has a mix of good days and bad days. Predicting how an individual’s day will turn out is impossible to estimate, but many get creative with their foreshadowing methods. Most recently, Noodle the pug has become the internet’s grandest sensation for his highly entertaining daily predictions of a day’s trajectory, whether it be good or bad. This pet has captured all of his viewers’ hearts and has everyone waiting on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the day’s forecast. If one has never heard of the celebrated, “boneless” canine called Noodle, he is a thirteen-year-old pug, known for his presence on TikTok with his human owner Jonathan Graziano. Graziano started making TikToks in 2020 but it was his “No Bones” game with his pug that attracted his mass following. In this game, while Noodle lays down on his donut bed, Jon attempts to stand Noodle up by carrying him. If the dog stays upright and stands by himself, then it’s a “bones” day! If Noodle flops back down in his bed it is a “no bones” day. To clarify, a “bones” day means that it is going to be a great day while a “no bones” day means that it is going to be a “bad day.” 

What started off as a satirical game documented and posted for entertainment expanded into something far greater. When Graziano’s TikToks with Noodle unexpectedly started to grow in popularity, Noodle became a viral sensation. As more viewers noticed the pug, Graziano posted more frequently until the short clips progressed into daily predictions. As of currently, the account “@jongraz” is verified by TikTok and has amassed over 4 million followers and 52 million likes in total. The followers of Noodle have also created many musical parodies featuring the pup, one of the most popular renditions being a sea shanty. Noodle has even been featured on the TODAY Show, giving a “reading” on live television. Despite all of these incredible accomplishments of the dog, most importantly, Noodle has reached out to many hearts all over the world, offering a pleasant distraction from life during difficult times with something to look forward to. Some may even say that Noodle has changed the way they think about their day! Although you can’t help but wonder, why? How did he grow so quickly so fast? What makes Noodle so special and different compared to other dogs? To start off, we will perform an analysis of Noodle’s videos. 

First, who does not love the face of an adorable pug? His heart-throbbing puppy features are certainly a factor catalyzing his internet success. Though Noodle is the star of the show, we should not forget about his owner. At the beginning of each video, Jonathan happily welcomes his loyal fans back to another video and thoroughly explains Noodle’s most recent daily activities.  Even if Noodle predicts a “no bones” day, Jonathan is consistently positive about the outcome. This loving owner’s happy persona and spirit is another reason why people come back for more Noodle. As for the other question: “How did they grow so quickly?”, there really is no way to say how it happened. With TikTok’s algorithm being a mystery to most, popularity on the app is oftentimes about luck, and Noodle just got lucky, you could say. 

Noodle is quite the original and a fascinating dog; making a name for himself and rising to become a “pop culture icon” in only a few months! Although from the outside, Noodle is seemingly an ordinary dog, he stands out with his creative, positive attitude from his owner who decided to bring a little extra light to the internet. Millions can now attest to Noodle’s sensationalism and remain excited to see what lies ahead for him in the future.