Tik Tok: It’s Not About Ke$ha Anymore by Gracie Gaon

The Tik Tok world has emerged in replacement of previously favored entertainment apps Vine and Musical.ly, and it seems as though this successor is dominating the student population all over the world. Tik Tok is an app that allows users to create Tik Toks, or videos, about anything they would like; it is somewhat like Youtube, however, Tik Toks can only reach an allotted time of up to one minute. The uproar that Tik Tok has caused amongst Generation Z teens is sensational. When asked why she thinks the app is so addicting, Junior Dylan Barry-Schoen stated, “The endless scrolling has you going on forever; the quality content never ends.” Indeed, teens watch Tik Toks to see relatable videos, entertaining content, or the attractive people that grace the presence of the For You page (this is the page where all the most liked videos go). For some, Tik Tok is also a creative outlet featuring art, music, and dance. Social media, in general, presents a powerful opportunity for individuals to show off talent, and many have created a platform on Tik Tok where they can create and receive feedback for different forms of artistic expression. Tik Tok has also become a platform where individuals share opinions and information on today’s current events; companies like the Washington Post have even joined Tik Tok. Even celebrities have hopped on the trend, such as Reese Witherspoon, Howie Mandel, and Will Smith. The only question is, will Tik Tok stay popular, or will it become forgotten and shut down just like Vine? Most girls at Santa Catalina create videos and post them on Tik Tok, but the most viral videos produced by a Cougar belong to Simone Brown, who graduated with the Class of 2019. Simone has over thirty-four thousand Tik Tok followers and a collection of nearly nine hundred thousand total likes. What is the key to her success? As her account bio states, she “is having fun and that’s what’s important.”