Unusual Christmas Tree Designs by Nikol Lahoda

Do Christmas trees have to be the same every year? I mean, sure, you can change the decorations on the tree, but every year it still has the same shape. Many Christmas trees are cut down every year, but people throw them out after January without much thought. Some people buy fake Christmas trees to not do that, but the amount of plastic used for them is extreme. If you want to help the environment or are tired of the monotony and need some inspiration to create your own original Christmas tree, here are some ideas to help you!

You can start by choosing your base. A Christmas tree can be done with almost anything: egg boxes, gifts, folded paper, plates, balls, gifts, candy, cups, pillows, gnomes, costumes, dresses, or ladders, to name a few. Drawing on things and creating new ornaments with unusual colors is also great. Here are a couple of tips:

  1. A piece of furniture, for example, a ladder, can be used to hang decorations, like lights and ornaments.
  2. You can make a Christmas tree by putting items on top of each other in a conical shape.
  3. You don’t need to make it 3D. It can be flat, and you can hang it on a wall – there are a lot of different ideas for Christmas decorations that would be ideally suited for a Christmas tree like this.
  4. If you don’t want to have a base, you can hang ornaments (or anything you can think of) on strings of different lengths in the shape of a Christmas tree.
  5. You can make a spiral Christmas tree from paper, boxes, or anything else.

These are only a few suggestions to make your Christmas tree more fun and original, but there are no limits – Christmas trees can lay on the floor, or their top can be falling down! The goal is to create something original and, of course, have fun!