Juliana Tarallo

I am in a state of blissful unawareness. I think I have been for a while. About graduating, about leaving, about being considered an actual adult, even though we all know that we 18-year-olds are idiots and shouldn’t be trusted to make any real decisions. There is a book by a girl named Arden Rose called Almost Adulting, and that it exactly how I feel right now, not really in the sense that I am almost an adult, but that everything I do is just short of adulting. For example, after cooking a successfully healthy breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, I might enjoy a small dessert of three chocolate muffins and some salt and vinegar chips that I somehow managed to make last for longer than three hours, and call that a “healthy day.” Or, I might go to Target in search of a new pack of socks, only to realize when I get home that they were sizes 5-6 in baby’s feet. And yes, I did wear those little cotton coin-purse-sized sacks, because I’d be damned if I didn’t get my money’s worth. So, you see–almost adulting. But what I have come to learn over the past four years is that that is OKAY. Trying is what counts, even more than the actual final product. Unfortunately, this philosophy does not apply to my classes, like when I confuse the different Chi Square tests in Statistics or get a little too passionate in English class and accidentally maybe start yelling. But hey, this concept has generally served me well over the years–after I accepted its importance, of course.


It all began with theater. (Hold the eyerolls! I’ll make it quick.) When I came to Catalina, I didn’t really feel great at anything. I felt like Average Andy from The Ellen Show–you know, like I could get by doing anything, but never really excelled at anything. So, when I came to Catalina, I decided that I would try out theater and see if I could be great at that. Well, the first show I auditioned for was Scapino–you know, that weird comedy they put on a few years ago that had something to do with spaghetti? Well, I thought I would be perfect for the show, being a loud Italian already, but guess what, I wasn’t cast. I consider myself a pretty strong person, I’ve been through a lot personally, I can take rejection, but this hurt. My plan of being great in high school was foiled, and my confidence was at an all-time low. Luckily, as you all know, that story has a happy ending with many funny and memorable experiences, as I was later cast in Peter Pan, and the rest was history. What I learned from my time in theatre, and really at Catalina, is that being great is not nearly as important as being a part of something great, and Catalina is something great.


Let me leave you with some words of advice:


1)We live in a world where we ignore people to get their attention. Always say what you mean and be genuine.

2)Don’t try to be the tough, bad, strong girl, believe me. Take down the walls. This is something I am continually struggling with. Being kind is vastly underrated.

3)Don’t worry about the things you can’t change. You could be the nicest peach in the bowl, but there will always be someone who just doesn’t like peaches.

4)My final and most important piece of advice: Always run to lunch on curly fry day, because you will get stuck with regular.


Thank you.

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