Student Survey: Distance Learning and the Second Semester

Lauren Dunlap
February 17, 2021

We have finally reached 2021, and with that comes a new semester and new resolutions! According to a survey sent to members of the junior class, students continue to adjust to the virtual setting and plan to embark on the new year by staying positive and motivated.

The first survey question asked: “On a scale of 1-10, from poorly to extremely well, how much have you adapted to online learning?” 70% felt they were well-adjusted and reported 9, while 30% reported 3 and noted they were still learning to adjust. With regard to how they learn best when online, students reported relying on organization, taking notes on paper rather than digitally, meeting with teachers during office hours, having a daily planner, and giving themselves time away from the screen.

Being away from friends has been difficult, but technology has provided students ways to communicate with those in different states and countries. 40% of students reported that they communicate with their friends online once a week. Another 40% said they communicate two to three times a week, while the remaining 20% responded that they communicate daily. The survey also asked of students, “How do you communicate with your friends? What are fun things you do to stay in touch?” Their responses included group Zooms, Facetime, Messaging, and visiting one another while following COVID-19 precautions. 

The survey’s final segment included questions regarding the new year! Students plan to exercise, read, socialize with friends, and create calm workspaces to stay motivated this semester. Most students also have resolutions, such as staying on top of work, taking time each day to do something they enjoy outside of school, daily walks, and giving themselves breaks to clear their minds. 

While being separated from school and friends can be challenging, with a new year comes new goals and ideas. By staying optimistic and persistent, students can continue to pursue their ambitions throughout the semester and make the best of virtual learning.

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