Santa Catalina Students’ Return to Campus

Lauren Dunlap
May 19, 2021

In mid-April, after spring break, a majority of Santa Catalina students returned to school to resume in-person learning. This was very exciting news for everyone missing the beautiful campus and Catalina community. Students maintain social distancing while learning in both indoor classrooms and outdoor tent classrooms located across campus. 

Aside from academics, students are back to practicing sports and getting back into club meetings, while keeping contact with students still distance learning. In addition, the juniors and seniors kept an iconic Catalina tradition alive by celebrating the annual Ring Week. The festivities were in full swing, complete with desk-decorating, poster-making, and costume-wearing. Juniors had to complete their individual Ring Week tasks in order to receive their class rings at an outdoor Ring Dinner on April 24.

Though it has been a difficult year for all students due to the virtual learning environment, it is heartwarming and exciting for the Santa Catalina community to regather and keep its traditions alive.

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