Catalina’s Virtual Radio Show

Leah Brewer
December 17, 2020

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Santa Catalina’s theater program has been unable to produce its fall and winter productions this year. However, thanks to technology, they have been able to work on a radio production of A Christmas Carol that aired on December 11! From recording songs to lines, cast members worked diligently to prepare their scenes on time. The wonderful tech crew edited the footage together to create a memorable cinematic masterpiece.

One intriguing feature of this production was that cast members recorded their parts in front of a green screen. Everyone who auditioned for the play got at least one role, in contrast to the typical auditioning process for theater productions at Catalina. Students selected to be part of the virtual choir recorded an array of different songs to add some “pizzazz” to the show.

Catalina’s theater program hopes that the community enjoyed the production!

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