How Early Is TOO Early to Celebrate Christmas?

Courtesy of We Heart It.
Tylor Mehringer
December 17, 2020

Every year starts the same way. Once the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, the holidays are over, the new year begins, and school resumes. Then, after some time, winter break and even spring break creep up. Before you know it, seniors are graduating and it’s summer vacation! What happened? It was just January! After some time, summer sadly ends too quickly, as always, and it’s time to go back to school. It’s a fresh start— how wonderful! Then, BAM, it’s somehow early October and it’s time for the holidays again, but no one’s complaining, because it’s arguably the best part of the year. Just imagine being snuggled up in a blanket by the fire and watching movies with friends or family while eating cookies. One of the most frequently asked questions, yet again, goes unanswered and becomes the (white) elephant in the room. When is it too early to celebrate Christmas?

For many years, this question has been controversial, but this year, I think it’s time for this question to be answered definitely. Because this question is so complex, we can break it down into parts: when is it too early to decorate, to listen to music, and to celebrate in general? 

After surveying seventy-five Catalina students, the results all boil down to Thanksgiving and whether to wait until Thanksgiving is over, or to include the holiday in the festivities. Christmas music is always a wonderful part of the season, lifting everyone’s spirits and reminding everyone of the holidays. Around 39.2% of Catalina survey respondents agreed that people should play Christmas music after Thanksgiving. This demonstrates that although Christmas music is amazing, it’s better to save it for December to keep it special! Next, almost 48.6% of respondents believe that Christmas trees should go up after Thanksgiving as well! Lastly, in response to the final question, “When is it too early to celebrate Christmas?”, around 60% say that from January through October or before Thanksgiving, it is way too early to celebrate and that around November, it’s time to look forward to Christmas cheer! The other 40% believe that Christmas should be celebrated year-round or have other answers. Overall, the majority of respondents have reached the consensus that now is the time for Christmas; directly after thanksgiving is the time to put up the trees and lights and to jam out to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’!! 

While many people, including those who work at Target, get ahead of themselves and celebrate early, it is safe to say that saving the Christmas festivities until after Thanksgiving makes Christmas cheer all the more special. Nevertheless, it’s good to remember that it is important to do what makes you happy no matter what others think. If celebrating a little early will make you happy, then go for it.

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  1. Great article Tylor!!! I noticed that so many of my friends were decorating even before thanksgiving this year. It was like we all needed to get into our happy place after the year we have had!!!

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