Social Media’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic by Jasmine Flanders

The world around us changed when COVID-19 came into existence. The lives of many have changed drastically, especially for the students attending school. Many were forced to attend school from their household. Some schools have had their students attend class on Zoom and Google Hangouts. Others rely on emails from their teachers for work. Due to these changes in our lives, people have responded in various ways: with jokes, anger, and multiple words of support.

If you or someone you know have the apps Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, they must have seen the countless number of jokes and trends that have come in response to COVID-19. Students complain about their schools closing. Others have shown their disregard for the quarantine orders. In contrast, there have been many warnings about the dangers of disregarding government orders, not only to themself but to the people around them. Seniors in college and highschool share their memories and sadness about not being able to spend their last moments in their schools with the people they are close with. Many people on social media have posted more frequently, but others take needed breaks for their mental health. Popular creators have used COVID-19 to make new and different videos. For example, the Dolan Twins on YouTube who have 10.9 million subscribers, posted a video titled, “We Got EVERY Identical Twin On the Internet In One Zoom.” Other creators talk about the new hobbies they have picked up or how bored they are. 

But, a lot of good has also come out of this hard time. People have grown closer, many have started funds for Feeding America, and others put out positive posts and videos to support them and make them smile. 

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