SPRING, 2019
The Annual Sophomore Shakespeare Festival – Mere High School Skit, or Shining Star in the Realm of Theater? by Cailin Templeman
TEDx at Santa Catalina School – The Power of Ideas by Sarah Sallee
FALL/WINTER, 2018/2019
Mrs. Struckman’s Trip Across the Globe by Sarah Sallee
The Sherwood Program by Cailin Templeman
March, 2018
BREAL by Jane Hoffman
Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Lumsden by Sarah Sallee
February, 2018
Shakespeare Festival by Grace Deakyne
In the Kitchen of Bon Appétit with Ms. Abby Trotter by Sarah Sallee
Ring Week by Emily Hayes
January, 2018
Women’s March by Jane Hoffman
Life Guarding by Abbie Fisher
Art and Art History Club by Grace Deakyne
Advice from our Seniors by Sarah Sallee
December, 2017
Interview With a Cast Member from To Kill a Mockingbird by Jane Hoffman
Sports Column by Emily Hayes
Student Spotlight by Emily Hayes
Dr. Murphy/Mrs. Murphy Interview by Sarah Sallee & Grace Deakyne
November, 2017
Naming Turkey by Jane Hoffman
November, Gratitude, Community by Sarah Sallee
Thanksgiving Traditions by Jojo Lonchar
November Sports Summary by Emily Hayes & Abbie Fisher
October, 2017
October Student Interest Polls
October Sports Column by Abbie Fisher & Emily Hayes
‘Tis the (Halloween) Season by Jojo Lonchar & Claire Burrow
Interview With Mr. Myers by Grace Deakyne
September, 2017
Mrs. Cofresi’s Summer Wedding by Grace Deakyne
Interview: Ms. Struckman’s Travels in Mongolia by Grace Deakyne & JoJo Lonchar
The Making of Little Women by JoJo Lonchar
September Sports Column by Emily Hayes & Abbie Fisher